Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mobile Text is Exploding Right Now!

SMS Deemed The BEST Target-Marketing Program EVER!
  • Over 5 Billion Texts Are Sent Daily!
  • 100% Of Opt-In Audience WANTS Your Advertising & Information!
  • 98% Of Every Text Is Opened In Minutes!
  • Absolutely The Fastest & Easiest Programs To Implement
  • 99% of All Phones Are Text-Compatible!
  • Merchants WANT The Ability To Instantly Share With Customers!

80% Of All Businesses Are Currently Looking For Creative Mobile Solutions, Less Than 15% Have A Successful One Now!

We specialize in advanced & unique text solutions so if we can assist you or your team with any clients/ merchants/ members Mobile-Strategies, Please let us know.

Options like;
  • Simple programs to send Text Specials to valuabl customers
  • Unique Text Loyalty | Mobile Punchcard Solutions
  • Bi-Lingual Campaigns!
  • POS/CRM integrations complimenting existing programs
  • Text4Job | Text4Appointments | Text4Supplies | Text4Dinner | Text4Tix
  • Advanced National Franchise | Multi-location ROI Reporting
  • Raising Funds | Charity | Causes | Alerts | Awareness | Emergencies 
  • Employees | Clinical Studies | Personal Health
  • Trainers Speakers Politicians  
  • Mobile Banners Ads (direct mail concept except phones & tables)
  • The Future GEO Fences | Location Based Services
  • Endless Revenue/Data-capture Generating Campaigns…

Mobile is Exploding Right Now with All Industries!
Completely Independent Platform with No Conflict of Existing Services! 
Lucrative Revenue-Share Reseller, Partnerships & Agent Affiliate Programs!
Bankcard Industry  |  Marketing Firms  |  POS Vendors  |  Financial Institutions

Contact us and take a look!

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