Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Text2Win Contests - "why" businesses should offer this? (plus you can win $$$)

Have you seen it from a local business or on a register receipt?  
Heard it on your favorite radio station or sporting event?
Did you watch Sundays games on CBS featuring a text RASCAL to win tickets to a Rascal Flats Concert?

So why are businesses giving away stuff by using pay for text programs?
  1. Because  Everyone wants to Win Something!
  2. Allows businesses to compile & build a mobile marketing data base for future marketing.

Incredibly Valuable for Businesses being able to directly market those 100% opt-in cell numbers of customers that “want” to do business with them!

"Text is simply unmatched by ANY other direct target marketing efforts!
  • Billion Text are Sent Daily!
  • 100% Of Opt-In Customers WANT Your Advertising & Information!
  • 98% Of Every Text Is Opened In Minutes!
  • Absolutely The Fastest & Easiest Programs To Implement
  • Customers WANT the Instantaneous communication!
  • 99% of All Phones Are Text-Compatible! 
  • ONLY 52% of phones are SmartPhones, so ”apps” immediately eliminate half your customers!
  • However, the BEST way to promote your ‘app’ though, is by using a Text to send it directly to everyone’s cell to easily access!
    1. what other marketing efforts has this success?
    2. sms is still the communication work-horse and marketings biggest hidden-secret!
    3. reasons why over 80% of merchants are currently looking for such successful mobile solutions! 

If you've been considering Text-Marketing and/or maybe you don’t think it’s for you, go ahead and try a Text2Win campaign? Watch how your fans, customers & clients will participate as well as get excited for the opportunity to also receive instant alerts & specials from their local businesses!

Retailers-Restaurants-Auto-Events-Gas Stations-Something for Every Business;
  • easily offer gifts, special savings, memberships, dinners, appetizers, back-stage passes, weekends, lessons, meals, golf, etc.
  • either a onetime event or weekly contests
  • ‘set-it and forget it', automatically sends a “winning” text any time & dates you choose.
  • unique Bi-lingual campaigns
  • every business regardless of type, really should have Text-Contests everyday till New Years!
  • our system will also allow for winners to be staggered during the day, creating excitement and attracting new shoppers winning throughout the whole store/mall!
  • regardless who, what, when and where’s, shoppers are going to ‘opt-in’ and participate in Winning-Texts!
  • How about a text contest to win "NO Standing-in Check-out Line"? 

Give-back Option?;
  • press release / market that ABC Company offering Mobile-Texting and the best part is for every text, money is going to local cause/charities!
Sales / Networking;
  • “Mobile Fishbowl”, eliminates the need for participants to fill-out paper entry tickets, download apps, or use business cards to put in a glass bowl.
  • engage your vendors, offer sponsorships with giftcards, product discounts, movie tickets, free estimates, sporting events, etc…
  • a must campaign for every Business, Retail, Restaurant, Associations, Chambers, BNI, Groups, Networking, Sports, Charity...everything!
  • include all your contact info/all social sites directly to everyone's cell phone with a single text! 

Let us know if may assist you with any of your merchants/clients with more information of how to be instantly set-up?

Plenty of time to take advantage of the holiday shoppers by using a Text2Win Campaign to instantly engage new customers and start building their "mobile data-base"!

Thanks for Allowing Us to Share,
Good Luck!

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