Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The total amount of money spent on SMS Marketing will approach $1 Trillion Dollars!

Infographic: SMS Marketing Forecast

Infographic SMS Marketing Forecast 300x300 Infographic: SMS Marketing Forecast
Infonetics forecasts the mobile services market will grow to $976 billion by 2016, led by mobile broadband.
According to the information presented in a new infographic shared below, by 2016, Android will represent 54% of smartphones in the mobile market. Apple will claim just 22%.
Lagging behind Android and iOS will be Blackberry and Windows, each with an 8% market share.

(easy reading, converted Infographic to link)


  1. I have seen your infographic. Great source of information about SMS marketing and yes it is right, in the upcoming years mobile marketing (SMS marketing) will use widely and it will take place easily in marketing trends. Most of the people will like to use the internet with their cell phones.

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